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Multiple Listing Service, Inc. is a service of area Realtor® Associations. The MLS acts as a full-service property clearinghouse to bring together buyers and sellers and provide Realtors®, their clients and customers, with real property information.

Detailed information about thousands of properties in our marketplaces form the core service of MLS. Along with superior training and technical support, MLS provides these information services to support Realtors® in meeting the needs of consumers. Realtors® are encouraged to bookmark this page for their future reference.

Consumers looking for information about homes for sale or looking to sell their home are encouraged to select Consumer Information. This will provide access to local, state and national real estate websites and access to further information about buying and selling real property.
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  per agreement with FTC and consent FTC order, (click here for a copy) MLS has amended rules (click to view) relative to Exclusive Agency listings.
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